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Thorough clinical examination of your pet does not always give us the answer to the problem and our next step is to implement some further testing to help us develop a diagnosis.

A simple blood test can go a long way to give us a picture of what is happening internally. The blood is collected on site and sent to a veterinary specialist laboratory and generally results are received by us in 12-24 hours.

Radiography is another very useful diagnostic tool that is frequently used here at Patterson River. We have on site x-ray facilities and an automatic developer that can give us results in minutes. Contrast radiography is another tool we can choose if necessary.

On site pathology:- we regularly do cytology on site particularly for ear infections. We take a swab from the ear, stain it and then examine under the microscope. This will give us an indication of the type of infection we are dealing with.

We also sometimes choose to do fine needle aspirates on lumps and these are examined on site and can sometimes give us a diagnosis. More often with lumps we choose to do a biopsy and send it off to the lab. for diagnosis or we will excise the lump totally +/- send off for histopathology if we think it is necessary.

Urinalysis is an easy and helpful test that we do on site and it can give us much information about the urinary system.

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Address: 15 McLeod Rd, Carrum

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Emergencies can be very stressful. Try and remain calm and phone for help. 9772 0777 or after hours please the Animal Emergency Centre in Frankston-9770 5555 or Highett-9532 5261

PUPPY CLASSES are postponed for the moment.

If you have a new pup we can still help guide you as to how best socialize your new family member. The first four months of a pups life is an important window of opportunity for you to develop a well rounded pet. Phone us for advice on to how to get the best out of your pup during the COVID 19 lockdown.


Just for Cats. We are proud to be able to offer our feline patients a "Cat only" area in our waiting room.

We are proud to support three very worthy working dog rescue groups by offering generous discounts on all services. If you are planning on getting a new pet please consider a rescue pet and save a life.

Hydrobath: All you need is the dirty dog! Purpose built and do it yourself.

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