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Frankie Our Clinic Cat

Frankie joined us early in 2010. He was found as a stray and was a very tiny kitten when he arrived, no more than six weeks old. He had the most vivid blue eyes and one of our nurses named him Frank (Sinatra!) and the name stayed with him.

At this time Paddy our resident cat was living out his last few weeks with us as he had terminal cancer. The two of them lived together in the cat ward and on the last day of Paddy's life they were both curled up together in Paddy's bed. It seemed like a sign to us and Frankie stepped up into Paddy's 'paws' to be our 'clinic meet and greet' cat.

You may see him in the waiting room as you arrive.

He will often come out to see what is going on and spends most of his days supervising the care of our patients out the back. He is not a cuddly boy but does enjoy company and just sitting alongside staff members and patients.



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Address: 15 McLeod Rd, Carrum

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Did you know that the most important time for social development is the first four months of your pups life? Socialisation is often not easy to do safely when your pup is not fully covered with vaccinations.  Our classes are a fabulous way to safely socialise your new puppy.

Our classes are generally held weekly and they run for one hour over four weeks. Our fee is $150.


Just for Cats. We are proud to be able to offer our feline patients a "Cat only" area in our waiting room.


We are proud to support three very worthy working dog rescue groups by offering generous discounts on all services. If you are planning on getting a new pet please consider a rescue pet and save a life.

Hydrobath: All you need is the dirty dog! Purpose built and do it yourself.

Only $15