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Cats On Heat

Is your cat wailing?

Is she young and female and making a sound like she’s in pain?

Is she rolling around on the ground or rubbing her tummy along the ground with her tail high in the air?

She may well be on heat.

Cats are stimulated to come on heat with increasing daylight hours and they do not have a set time period in between heats, they can come on and off heat quite often.

The best thing to do is have her desexed. this procedure is carried out any day Monday to Friday and is a fairly straight forward day procedure.

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Address: 15 McLeod Rd, Carrum

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Emergencies can be very stressful. Try and remain calm and phone for help. 9772 0777 or after hours please the Animal Emergency Centre in Frankston-9770 5555 or Highett-9532 5261


Did you know that the most important time for social development is the first four months of your pups life? Socialisation is often not easy to do safely when your pup is not fully covered with vaccinations.  Our classes are a fabulous way to safely socialise your new puppy.

Our classes are generally held weekly and they run for one hour over four weeks. Our fee is $150.


Just for Cats. We are proud to be able to offer our feline patients a "Cat only" area in our waiting room.


We are proud to support three very worthy working dog rescue groups by offering generous discounts on all services. If you are planning on getting a new pet please consider a rescue pet and save a life.

Hydrobath: All you need is the dirty dog! Purpose built and do it yourself.

Only $15